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What I Would Have Missed

The joy of embracing my newest grandchild

The love I see shining in my true loves eyes

To hold my mothers' hand just one more time

To watch my children walk down the aisle


Hope helps us push thru the dark of the night

Hope helps us believe that the sun will still rise

But when hope's so far away that we can't see the light

It's just our perception cause we've closed our eyes

   This songs for our loved ones who've left us too soon 

   For the ones who are struggling and may not pull thru

   For the ones who've left us without a goodbye

   Lord knows I understand.. I've been on both sides

I've known devastation and I have known grace

And I am so thankful to be here today

I realize now as I look back on those years

I was never alone God carried me here

I know you're out there and you're losing hope

But I promise you you're not alone

It's just an illusion that there's no way past

Someday you'll look back on what you would have missed

    Oh, what I would have missed as I look back on my life

    The love that was coming that helped me get by

    The friends who lifted me up when I couldn't see the light

    What I would have missed..those precious days of my life

    Oh what I would have missed.. all those precious days of my life




Midnight Dreams

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